How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming 2022?

Every gamer goes to great lengths to keep their PC up to date with all the latest computer gear and hardware needed to enjoy gaming with good graphics. So, every gamer knows it’s hard to set up a gaming rig that has everything you need for gaming.

Many questions plague people when setting up their gaming gear. However, one question tends to annoy people more than the other. How much RAM do I need to play the game smoothly?

You may have noticed that playing newer games or newer versions of older games requires more and more RAM. In this blog, we’ll tell you exactly how much RAM your game will need in 2022.

What is a RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is one of the most important components of a PC. RAM is a temporary data storage space that contains all the information your computer may need now or soon. Without RAM, nothing will run on your computer. No program, file, or any other program will work without RAM.

Type of RAM in your gaming system:

Now RAM or memory can be of two types in a gaming rig. One is main system memory, also called random access memory or RAM. the other is video memory or VRAM

1. RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM or random access memory or system memory is the most common memory we usually talk about and that’s why you’re reading this. System memory is used to load data that is used repeatedly by the game. This is because loading data directly from a slower SSD or slower hard drive can be inefficient.

2. VRAM (Video Random Access Memory)

Another type of RAM is VRAM or video random access memory located on the GPU or graphics card.

The main purpose of VRAM is to hold the graphics information the GPU operates on. High-resolution games and high-resolution textures require more VRAM.

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming 2022?

Now that you know you need RAM to run the game, it’s time to figure out how much RAM is available. Most computers have 4, 8, or 16 GB of RAM, while PCs have 32, 64, or 128 GB of RAM. More than 32 GB of RAM can be found on high-tech computers. The amount of RAM your PC needs depends on what the PC needs to do.

Usage of 4 GB RAM:

The problem is that there isn’t much to say about this these days, as you simply can’t play games with 4GB of memory. With so many updates and developments for games over the past few years, 4GB of memory for a typical game is not enough. Not only that, but prices for ram kits are dropping and if you believe recent reports, you can expect them to drop further in the coming months. It makes sense to get more than 4GB.

Usage of 8 GB RAM:

The next logical move is definitely up to 8GB of ram. Most games these days list 8GB of RAM as a minimum requirement for their PC specs. 8GB of RAM is quite useful for gaming. But is this the best point to aim for when deciding on a ram budget for your next build? Just a year or two ago, a fairly fast 8GB of memory was considered a sweet spot. But that is no longer the case.

The reason is because of advances in graphics, higher quality textures, and more detailed environments overall, most games these days use a lot more RAM than 8GB at 1080p resolution.

As a result, you may experience occasional stuttering and stuttering in AAA game titles with 8GB of RAM. So, if you’re looking to build an ultra-low-cost PC, 8GB is a must-have minimum RAM for gaming.

Usage of 16 GB RAM:

With the look of the latest games and high-quality assets, 16GB of memory makes it the perfect place for AAA games. A few years ago, if someone had said that their PC was using 16GB of RAM, that PC would have been in the ultra-expensive category. But today, that is no longer the case.

Games regularly use 10-12 GB of RAM easily, sometimes even 13-14 GB. So 16GB is the perfect space to play the latest and greatest triple titles games without any hindrance.

RAM speed has become an important factor, especially with the introduction of AMD’s Ryzen-based processors. Higher frequency RAM gets a lot of performance out of Ryzen based systems. So, if you’re using 16GB of 3000mhz or higher memory in your gaming system, at least 4-5 years from now is a golden age.

Usage of 32 GB RAM:

More than 16GB of RAM in current PCs is usually in the advanced category. Upgrading the memory from 16 GB to 32 GB will not give you huge performance. The game runs the same on either one. But 32 gigs is very useful if you are a content creator or streamer and need to have multiple chrome tabs, programs, and games open at the same time. 32 gigs of ram would be useful for that kind of work.

However, from a pure gaming perspective, we are not yet at the point where we can say that we need 32GB of RAM for gaming. And we still have a long way to go to get there.

Usage of 64 GB RAM:

More than 32GB of RAM is not needed for everyday use, gaming, or even heavy users and content creators. There is no way for a PC to use more than 32GB of memory for day-to-day operations. More is a pure waste of money, and investing in other parts of your PC’s build, specifically a graphics card, processor, or SSD, will get you much better.

Single-channel VS Multi-channel?

When installing RAM in your PC, you need to look at whether you are using 1 RAM stick (1 16Gb) and 1 channel, or 2 RAM sticks (2 8Gb) and utilizing multi-channel. This is because a multi-channel setup can provide 5-10% more performance than a single channel. The performance boost applies to most, but not all games.

Single-channel and multi-channel settings depend on the motherboard you are using. Is it multi-channel support? Then you are good. To be honest, most motherboards from 2022 or even from 4-5 years ago can support multi-channel. So it’s not a big deal. There is no reason to use multi-channel these days. It gives you better maintenance space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will 8GB of RAM be enough for 2022?

Yes, as mentioned, 8GB of RAM is fine for gaming. If not all, the game will run well on this amount of RAM. Using more than 8 GB isn’t a waste of your investment, but it can take some time to fully utilize (depending on what you’re using your PC for).

Is 4GB of RAM is good for gaming?

If you want your PC to be able to do more demanding tasks like gaming, graphic design, and programming all at once, you need at least 8GB of laptop RAM.

Is 64GB RAM Excessive for Gaming?

Yes! A minimum of 8GB is sufficient for gaming, so 64GB of RAM is sufficient for gaming. So even if you want future-proofing, go for 32GB and get a 16GB kit or a good 8GB standard kit for gaming.

Is 32GB RAM Excessive in 2022?

Usually, the answer is yes. When it comes to gaming, 16 GB is enough and 32 GB is overkill since 8 GB is standard.

How much ram do you need?

You’ll need 16GB of RAM to play AAA titles in 2022 and the next 2-3 years. 16GB is the perfect space to play the latest and greatest triple titles without any problems.

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