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Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler Review

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There are many cooling options for your PC, but not all are the best for your budget choice. If you are looking for something more affordable than standard CPU cooling solutions, the Vetroo V5 CPU air cooler is just what you need.

Vetro V5 CPU Cooler Quick Verdict

The high-quality black frame and clear acrylic fan blades effectively reflect light and make the lighting brighter and softer. The look is perfect for gaming computer cases and radiators. 5 heat pipes with exclusive direct contact technology provide fast heat transfer and keep the CPU running great.

Adopting a direct-contact copper base is suitable for the CPU and improves the optimum contact area and thermal conductivity.

For under $30 to 35$, the Vetroo v5 is the best CPU cooler in 2023, with a 120mm fan at 1,700 RPM, and is always ready for the best thermal solution.

Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler

  • Greate quality
  • Affordable CPU Air Cooler
  • Great design and aesthetics
  • RGB Fan with Aura Sync
  • 5x heat pipe
  • Best thermal solution.
  • Does not come with an RGB controller.

Vetro V5 CPU Cooler Review 2023

The Vetro v5 is one of the best CPU coolers at this price because it combines so many things that people are looking for these days in one cooler. Now let’s begin our Vetroo v5 CPU air cooler review and performance.

Vetro 5 Heatpipes

The heatsink is a pretty compact base tower. The Vertroo V5 fits easily into most cases on the market as long as it doesn’t wobble in one of the smallest cases.

Alternatively, you can check out other alternatives to CPU coolers that are more reliable and perform better.

The Vetro V5 is one of the first coolers in this price range to have five 120mm heat pipes in the base. The V5 Base stand is not very well finished. Also, you won’t get the ultimate glossy finish with an HDT base, but at the same time, it’s great value for the money.

These heat pipes go up with a very dense fin array, and that fin array probably has a unique feature for this cooler. Etro v5 is a stepped rear section where some fins are wider at the top than at the bottom.

The reason is that on Intel systems, you can mount this in an east-west or north-west orientation, but on AMD’s side, you cannot because of the mounting bracket.

Fan and mounting bracket

The selling point of the v5 CPU air cooler is that it comes with an addressable RGB socket that can handle aura sync or any other 3-pin compatible motherboard or RGB controller.

Drip pan

Quiet fans are excellent for those who want more than a little air. The fan speed of 1700 rpm and an average static pressure envelope provide enough airflow to cool the computer given the speed level.

Quiet fans are excellent for those who want more than a little air. The fan speed of 1700 rpm and an average static pressure envelope provide enough airflow to cool the computer given the speed level.


What’s inside Vetroo’s package?

The Vetro cooler is well packaged and protected in a carton box. The open-cell foam layer at the bottom of the box protects the cooling plate, and a foam layer between the fan and heat sink covers the aluminum fins from damage during shipping.

How to install Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler?

The installation instructions are very simple and have a QR code, but it’s clear and easy to follow. Installation is straightforward while using the native AMD backplate for the am4 socket.

Is Vetroo a good brand?

Yes, Vetro is a good seller on the Internet. Etro has an average rating of 9.3 stars, meaning most buyers are satisfied with their purchases.

Is the Vetroo V5 compatible with the LGA 1200?

Vetro V5 CPU Air Cooler is consistent with the LGA 1200.

Does Vetroo V5 contain thermal paste?

The Vetro V5 comes with thermal paste and provides brackets for installation on Intel or AMD motherboards.

How often should I change the thermal paste?

In most cases, you won’t need to reapply more than once every few years, but if you remove the cooler for any reason, you will need to replace the paste.

You may also consider reapplying the thermal paste if the CPU temperature rises.

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Overall, the Vetroo v5 comes at an affordable price with white and black colors and has an addressable RGB fan to match any build or theme. F you are looking for an under $30 CPU cooler, Vetroo V5 should be your first and last choice.


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