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Top 10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $20 in 2024

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It takes more than functionality and price to define a great mouse. In today’s world, the notion that the best technology is always expensive, but not this time. This list of the best wireless gaming mice will save you money and help you save time and choose what suits your particular tastes and needs. See our list of the best mice under $20 in 2024.

Upgraded list 10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $20 in 2024

Here’s the list of the top 10 best gaming mice for any laptop, MAC, Notebook, or PC that can be bought for under $20 in 2024.

1. VEGCOO C9s MacBook Compatibility

Are you looking for a modern gaming mouse? The VEGCOO C9s is the best gaming mouse with highly developed technological features. Today, everyone wants to work in a quiet and peaceful environment. This gaming device has a silent click feature allows you to work in a serene atmosphere. The quiet left and right keys make it the best gaming mouse for working at night.

You don’t want to disturb those in your home or office with the constant mouse click. Hence, this silent feature makes it a unique gaming device. In addition, the design is also super chic and modern. It is shaped like an insect and is wireless. The wireless function is cool.

Now, you no longer have to worry about the hassle of tangled cables. All you have to do is charge it up and plug it in, and you’re good to go. In today’s modern times, wireless devices are pretty popular. The VEGCOO C9 is designed in a very comfortable way, which makes it the best gaming device.

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2. TENMOS K6 Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

The mouse has a 2.4G wireless link and claims to have a maximum range of 33 feet. The DPI is adjustable between 1000 and 2400. They lowered the DPI setting to conserve battery power, but it could be something else. Either way, 2400 dpi is sufficient for shooters, as most professionals do not exceed 1600.

The mouse will automatically pair with your gaming laptop and PC; you don’t have to install additional drivers or software. It’s a simple plug-and-play system, and you can even turn off the LED lighting to conserve battery power. I recommend this wireless mouse for casual gaming (single-player, MOBA, RPG); it fits a claw grip and medium to large hands.

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3. UHURU Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

Regarding the best technical features and designs featured on this particular gaming device, there are six programmable buttons on it. These six buttons help in multitasking; for example, you can assign a command to a button and then use it later when you need it urgently.

This is useful while gaming because sometimes players must operate a function in milliseconds. An example of this is that you can use Digital Ink while operating PowerPoint when you are in a game, you can use a macro, and you can also use a Magnifying Glass if you are using any other application.

This device’s dpi (dots per inch) is up to 4800 and is the best rechargeable gaming mouse. DPI is very important in a gadget. The movement speed of the best mouse can also be controlled by simply clicking the dpi button.

To create a gaming environment, Uhuru’s rechargeable cordless knows how to get the job done. The 7 LED lighting colors on this gaming device are one of the best things about this mouse compared to other mice.

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4. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

This VicTsing VicTsing MM057 comes with 2.4 GHz wireless technology with a Reliable connection of up to 10 m and five adjustable DPI levels that allow the user to work beautifully. The mouse has six buttons with a 15-month battery life; the grip is also excellent, skin-friendly, and sweat-resistant. It comes in different colors. Talking about compatibility, well, this mouse can be compatible with Windows XP / Vista7 / 7 / 8/10 / and Linux, etc. Fits a laptop, MacBook, and other devices.

A simple universal portable mouse designed for gaming, business meetings, family trips to the office, etc.! All these features make it a perfect mouse not only for everyday use but also for a gamer. So, if you want a good gaming wireless mouse and don’t want to regret it, this is for you. Buy it without hesitation; you will not be unsatisfied after purchasing.

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5. TENMOS T12 Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

The TENMOS T12 comes with advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology that ensures stable transmission. Up to 30 feet/10m working distance, no delay or dropout. The mouse has a rechargeable function; changing the battery is unnecessary. The ultra-quiet design of the left and right buttons is perfect for places where you don’t want to disturb or distract others, such as offices, libraries, and homes, with up to 5 million click keystroke tests.

Seven soft LED lights change randomly during use, making the mouse multicolored and perfect for gaming. The LED light cannot be set to a specific color, but you can turn it off with the bottom switch anytime. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7/8,10, and Mac OS systems. Suitable for desktops, notebooks, PCs, and computers.

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6. TeckNet M268 with 800-4800 DPI

The ultra-sleek, rugged look, eight programmable buttons, and lethal precision with 800-4800 DPI make it the ultimate weapon for all game lovers. Some additional weight is also added to improve game performance. So players are going to grab it and surprise their opponent. Designed for comfort and built for precision, this is a kit no player should be without at a price that every player will love. Get the upper hand with this high-quality, low-cost 6D optical gaming mouse with a TruWave sensor.

The built-in 2000 dpi optical gaming sensor, adjustable dpi settings (600/1200/2000), and smooth-gliding bottom give you the best cursor control When you need it most. Additionally, by adding 40g of extra weight to the mouse and incorporating an ergonomic design that conforms to the natural curves of the palm, this mouse can be used for hours in total comfort.

Also, if you are really into the look of your accessories, this is the option—one thing to inform you is that it is made for right-handed people.

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7. Microsoft 4000 Wireless Mobile Mouse

This inexpensive wireless mouse works with a reputable brand, Microsoft. With a 2.4GHz wireless connection with up to 15-foot range. The symmetrical appearance makes it ergonomically suitable for the right or left hand. Skin-friendly lining maximizes comfort.

There are also at least three downsides. It has a shorter battery life and range than others, and the DPI is not adjustable. So there is no fancy design here, just a simple mouse with above-average build quality and the ability to work on any surface. And, of course, these mice are guaranteed to last for three years.

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8. Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

This Logitech product is one of the best and cheapest available mice. It comes compact. Ergonomically fantastic. The battery life is quite long, and the durability is good. In addition, the excellent grip allows the user to work comfortably for a long time. The only downside is that it is a low DPI sensor. It’s not the cheapest wireless mouse for graphic designers and Photoshop lovers.

The Logitech wireless unifying receiver mouse is a technological masterpiece; you can connect up to 6 Logitech wireless keyboards and mice to a single adapter. Simply put, it is sufficient for all external keyboards and mice.

Logitech also offers a 3-year limited hardware warranty. It is one of the best options available if you don’t want to spend much money on a wireless mouse but want something of good quality for everyday use or for playing normal games.

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9. Jelly Comb 2.4G Best Slim Gaming Wireless Mouse

This Jelly Comb product is the best wireless gaming mouse for less than $20. It’s just under the budget of $10 with an elegant appearance, compact design, and excellent surface finish, which ranks fourth without any surprise. Sound sensitivity allows you to work on any surface. A 2.4 GHz wireless mouse provides a powerful and reliable connection with a stable connection and energy-saving, effective up to 15 meters in range.

This mouse will automatically sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity to save power; it can be reactivated by clicking any button. It comes in different bold colors. Black and Silver are our favorite options. If you are an artist, gamer, or anyone who has played or worked with a laptop or computer for a long time and wants a small, comfortable mouse with very little noise, this is the option for you.

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10. TeckNet Classic 2.4G Portable Wireless Mouse with USB Nano Receiver

Once again, Tecknet is a Pro 2.4G optical budget wireless mouse on this list. It comes with a sleek and robust design. A 6-level adjustable 4800 DPI allows you to work with high precision. Smooth scrolling helps you go a long way with a single scroll. TeckNet TruWave technology provides smart and precise cursor control over many types of surfaces.

Once paired, TeckNet CoLink technology does not need to re-establish the pairing after a signal loss or shutdown. A clear advantage of this inexpensive wireless mouse is its rubberized plastic construction. It’s not too heavy, but it feels premium. This is an accessory to shoot your performance. You can buy it for heavy daily use. You can also play games without having problems.

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How to Select the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $20?

There are a large number of gaming mice, so your decision can be a difficult one. Before purchasing a gaming mouse, consider the following features and considerations.


Bluetooth is the most common method of connecting a wireless mouse to a computer, although some use other wireless standards. Don’t worry if your computer doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth receiver. Each wireless mouse on our list includes a small receiver that can be connected to any USB port.

Sensor type

There are two main types of mouse sensors: laser and optical. Computer mice used to have rolling rubber balls on the bottom that translated physical movements into mouse movements, but they are old and generally unsuitable for gaming.

1. Laser sensors use a small light beam to track mouse movement. Laser sensors are the oldest technology and are generally considered in lasers and optic optics. Laser light can be easily interrupted, making mouse tracking less accurate. Lasers can penetrate deep into surfaces, so they can collect much unnecessary information that can confuse movements. That said, advances in laser technology have greatly reduced traditional problems with laser sensors.

2. Optical sensors are small cameras at the bottom that track movements using infrared LED light. Optical sensors are fast becoming the industry standard as they are much more accurate, less prone to occlusion, and can work on more surfaces.

Number of buttons

Each mouse must have at least two buttons and a scroll wheel. But if you want additional functionality, you will need to consider a mouse with two or more additional buttons on the side of the mouse. These buttons allow you to scroll back and forth through web pages and add more commands, such as keyboard shortcuts. You may consider a programmable wireless mouse if you play games or use applications with many controls and shortcut keys.


CPI stands for “counts per inch” and is essentially a measure of how much movement the cursor will move on the screen for each inch of physical movement of the mouse. So, if your mouse has a CPI of 6,000, then the mouse cursor will move 6,000 “counts” for every physical inch the mouse moves. In other words, the CPI is a measure of the sensitivity of your mouse. The higher the CPI, the more cursor movement you will see for less physical movement.

Regarding gaming mice, the terms CPI and DPI are often used interchangeably. Technically, DPI (“dots per inch“) refers to the density of dots spaced in a given video image and is a different concept from CPI. However, for some reason, the term DPI is widely used to describe mouse sensitivity. So, know that if you see the term “DPI” about a mouse, it refers to the CPI and the mouse’s sensitivity.

A higher CPI is not always better. It largely depends on what kind of games you will be playing. For example, if you are playing an FPS, a high CPI can be good for lining up precise shots and movements. A lower CPI might suit you if you are playing an MMORPG where precise movements are not required.

Some high-end mice come with built-in switches that allow you to change CPI settings on the fly, but these models are typically more expensive than $20. Many people brag about having ultra-high CPI with the mouse, but ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and the game genre you’re playing.

Turning on

Many modern mice not only work well, but they also look good. Some mice allow you to customize the lighting scheme. Some mice allow you to create multiple color combinations for different gamer profiles, giving you a great aesthetic look. Lighting doesn’t help mouse performance, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.


Fortunately, the days of buying a specific mouse for different types of computers are over. All the mice on our list are compatible with any modern Mac or PC. Some are even compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets.

Conclusion-Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2024 under $20

The best wireless gaming mice under 20 dollars listed above are reviewed in detail, comparing them to different brands and considering the budget, which is not heavy on anyone’s pocket.


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