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List of the 10+ Best Keyboard that Lights Up When you Type in 2024

The keyboard is an integral part of any computing device. There are two types of keyboards: wired and wireless. Both keyboards have backlights. Here we have a list of the best Keyboard that light up when you Type, including wired, wireless, and combo models in 2024.

10+ best budget Keyboard that Lights Up when you Type in 2024

Here are a few of the backlight keyboards you can check out whenever you buy a new keyboard or replace an old one. These keyboards are selected based on ease of use, connection method, art, color, LEDs, codes, and many other features.

 List of Wireless backlights Keyboards of 2024 

1. KLIM Chroma Lights Up Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard

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Typing is much easier because the keys are close to each other. The keyboard has a very quiet keypad so that you won’t get distracted. The keyboard is made of a unique material known as ABS, making it very lightweight. The lightweight of the keyboard shouldn’t fool you. Very versatile and durable. You can move while playing or typing. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling something on your keyboard.

To save battery charge, the KLIM automatically goes into sleep mode when idle for 1 minute. At maximum brightness, the keyboard backlight works for up to 1 day. However, you can charge it after 4 hours if you wish. When you connect the keyboard to the PC using Bluetooth, the connection is solid, so there is no problem of losing the connection.

You can easily customize the backlight color and set it to your liking. You can also reduce or increase the brightness of the backlight or turn it off completely. The keyboard isn’t just lightweight. It is also high-performance and comes with a 5-year warranty. This is one of the cheapest wireless backlight keyboards on this list.

One of the most prominent features of the KLIM Chroma wireless backlit keyboard is its high performance. That said, if you are a gaming enthusiast, the keys are optimally designed for gaming, so you can have a great time using this keyboard. The keyboard is suitable not only for gamers but also for those who type using the keyboard.

2. Keychron K2 RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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This keyboard is for those who are looking for a Mac wireless keyboard; the Keychron K2 is the best choice. The Keychron 2 has a white keyboard that lights up when you type with a Gateron key switch and a curved cap for a nice tactile feel. The wireless keyboard consists of a sturdy aluminum chassis, completing the aesthetic look of the entire setup.

There are adjustable rubber feet at the bottom, giving you a convenient 6-degree angle to use whenever you type. Buttons are well-customized for specific purposes. The tactile response of any keyboard is one of the most important aspects to consider, and mechanical keyboards continue to focus on this aspect.

The tactile feel varies greatly depending on the switch under the keycap. This keyboard has a switch configuration in blue, brown, or Gateron red. The blue switch has a clickable tactile response, and the brown switch has a soft tactile feel, so it is much quieter and smoother to the touch. The critical movement of the Keychron 2 is 4±0.4mm for better typing convenience.

The Keychron K2’s keycap has a curved profile, making it easy to recognize and rest your hand. The key switch and keycap design look very impressive on this wireless keyboard.

3. Corsair K63 Blue LED Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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One of the best features of this keyboard is that it is incredibly sturdy and lightweight. It’s well-built, which means it provides you with a more extended service. In this mechanical keyboard, the manufacturer puts Cherry MX switches, which are far superior to regular keypads. This switch is of high quality and is very stable.

A plastic chassis is not as strong as a keyboard with a metal chassis, but the plastic is quite sturdy. Keyboards with a metal frame are much more expensive, but Corsair is very cheap in this category. The minimalist design is also excellent. The main focus of the Corsair K63 is gaming enthusiasts, and that’s where it shines.

The keyboard has very easy-to-operate keys that are very essential for gaming. It also has a 10-keyless design, and the wrist rest is detachable so that you can put it in the most comfortable place. Another great feature of the keyboard is its battery. When the backlight is off, you can use the game for 5-7 days.

However, if the light stays on, the battery will still last for a decent amount of time a day. The keyboard’s lighting options are great, and you can customize the backlight to your liking. Many effects can be applied to give the perfect combination of lighting.

4. Logitech K830 illuminated Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad

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The Logitech K830 illuminated living room wireless keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Android, Chrome, Windows, iOS, and Mac devices. The design of the K830 matches Logitech’s trademark design, which is suitable for office and home use. The wireless keyboard also features a subtle backlight, which is convenient for use in the dark or at night. It is also compatible with USB devices such as smart TVs, Chrome, and Android devices.

The Logitech K830 is designed as a rechargeable portable keyboard/touchpad. This keyboard is excellent for typing, accumulating about 80% in keyboard typing speed tests due to the island-style critical composition. As with the slim keyboard, the Logitech K830 does not bend or pop out of the keys. Although the vital movement is limited, the build quality is quite good.

Typing on the Logitech K830 wireless keyboard is very similar to typing on a high-end laptop. The keyboard doesn’t have adjustable tilt support built-in, so you’ll need to put the keyboard on top of something for more comfortable typing.

The Logitech K830 has more advanced technology in that the keyboard detects the amount of light in the room and adjusts the brightness of the backlight. Low lighting can make your keys brighter, and bright lighting can make them darker.

5. DIERYA DK63 True RGB LED Backlit Keyboard

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The DIERYA mechanical gaming keyboard features a 60% design with no arrow keys, number pad, or function keys. This keyboard is best used with a good keyboard palm rest. The DIERYA mechanical gaming keyboard incorporates PBT plastic with well-designed keycaps.

This way, the wireless keyboard won’t stain even after prolonged use. At first glance, the DIERYA mechanical gaming keyboard looks like a very simplified keyboard. The keys have a fantastic font style. However, the number rows are a bit cluttered with the number signs imprinted on them.

Modifier keys appear to be inconsistent because they have a much larger font size compared to alphabetic keys.

We have a user manual with all the instructions you need to set up macro and keystroke combinations. The DIERYA mechanical gaming keyboard features a backlit feature with an additional 1.5-meter-long USB cable.

 Best Wired Keyboard that Lights Up When you Type 

6. Corsair K68 RGB Gaming Keyboard

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Unlimited color customization lets you get creative. 5 RGB color schemes include red, purple, blue, yellow, and green. When you’re done, your new keyboard will look great and impress your friends. Choose a color scheme that has a dust- and liquid-resistant keyboard that works even with minor offenses and stays competitive throughout the game.

With 100% gold contacts, your keys won’t wear out anytime soon. If this isn’t enough, you can give this keyboard a chance with 100% anti-ghosting and rollover protection. Mistakes and errors should be a thing of the past, and the game should go smoother than ever.

7. Rii RK100 3 Colors LED Backlit Wired Keyboard

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Start the action with this RGB multi-colored LED keyboard. It comes with all the color options imaginable and makes your game time so much more fun. Along with this, the wide range of compatibility works with a variety of systems, giving you new tools to use in your game. After 10 minutes, it will start sleeping mode. Press one button, and it will work again.

With a total of 105 keys, you can do more than the game when doing other things. Finally, you can choose the mode and level you want to work with. Your gaming time should be better than before this top LED keyboard came home.

  Best Combo backlights Keyboards of 2024 

8. Redragon S101 Wired RGB Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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Here is 1st best combo Mouse and Keyboard that lights up when you Type something or play games. You may have a wired connection with this LED keyboard, but that’s okay. This does not mean that you will not lose the unique features of the wireless keyboard. You still get a great response time. Easy to use keys and lots of lights to work with. It also has seven lighting modes, four brightness options, and an adjustable breathing rate.

The sole purpose of this best keyboard is to make your game time so much better. The companion mouse adds the necessary upgrades to achieve excellent game time. The 114 keys are divided into 25 anti-collision, ten dedicated multimedia options, and 12 function keys. The rest is helpful when working on computers other than games.

9. PICTEK Backlit LED Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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One thing about this LED keyboard is that there are many different colors and options available. Select them, and your keyboard will be bright and bright. There’s no better way than using rainbow colors to help you. There is also a mouse that lights up. It’s great to have a companion, and this mouse will never let your new keyboard go alone.

When you enter the game, you have a life of about 50 million clicks per key. Along with this, there is a waterproof or liquid-resistant keyboard that prevents spills or splashes from happening. DPI has four adjustment levels to help you play the best possible game. A standard wide compatibility range is also built into this keyboard.

10. CHONCHOW LED Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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This is one of the cheapest wired keyboard and mouse combo that lights up when you type or write. This setting helps you relax as you don’t have to worry about battery failure or charging times. You can then use the included mouse pad to get an excellent surface for your mouse to work on. You can also choose from 4 brightness levels and two modes. With seven colors to work on, you can light up your room and computer space with your favorite color.

10 With each tilt function, you can comfortably use it in almost any position of your choice. Then, the ABS keys help minimize hand fatigue, and the 4-button mouse delivers up to 32000 DPI. Using this device improves your gaming time and is second to none.

 Things to consider when buying backlit keyboards in 2024 

Best backlights Keyboards of 2022

Connection method

When it comes to how you connect your keyboard, you have two options to choose from. If you are the type who enjoys mobility while working, you should opt for a wireless keyboard. This allows you to change positions while playing or working on the big screen.

Even sitting on the sofa and sipping a cup of coffee, this type of keyboard can be a bit expensive. If your needs are nothing more than the basic requirements of an average computer user, you can choose a wired or USB plug-and-play type of keyboard.

User convenience

User comfort should be a top priority for these gadgets, so it’s good to have soft keys. Many keyboards use keycaps and PerfectStroke to keep the keyboard quiet and smooth on your fingers. When it comes to comfort, the wireless type helps users easily change positions. An important feature to watch out for on the keyboard is the hand rest, which you can use to rest your hands while taking a typing break.

Key size

The size of your keys can be a decisive factor in your purchasing decision. Not all keyboards are made the same. Most keyboards have different vital sizes, such as the space bar, shift key and number keys. Buying the keyboard you want from a store where you can try it out before you buy can help!

Backlight custom

The backlight on most mechanical gaming keyboards serves to illuminate the keys for an aesthetically pleasing effect. However, the backlight can be used on some keyboards for tactical advantage. For example, many backlit mechanical keyboards typically feature customizable groups of keys that are grouped according to how the keys are individually lit.

These groups can be a tactical advantage in any game of your choice. Don’t miss the key you need to start the game! This is how the backlight gives gaming keyboard users a competitive edge!


An important feature to watch out for when buying a keyboard is the durability of the keyboard. You don’t want a keyboard that can’t be used continuously. A keyboard with an aluminum frame can be a good choice when considering durability and use.

 FAQs about Lights Up Keyboards 

Do you need a backlit keyboard?

Whether you need a backlit keyboard depends on how you use your computer. If you use it during the day most of the time, you don’t need this feature. However, you can consider it if you are using your computer at night or in the dark. Also, gamers love the backlit keyboard. Gaming keyboards often support RGB colors and look great.

This is important for many people, and even if there is a lot of fun, it is not necessary. You don’t need a backlit keyboard, but most people want to have one.

What are the Benefits of using a wireless keyboard?

Using wireless peripherals reduces clutter and increases space. The flexibility of the wireless keyboard allows users to sit more comfortably and, as a result, less burdensome. We don’t realize it, but this is very helpful for those who have to sit in one position for a long time.

A slight but notable advantage is that you can easily clean your desk thanks to the reduced (and cluttered) wiring and even use the free space to decorate your table.

What are the Benefits of using a wired keyboard?

Wired keyboards are inexpensive compared to wireless versions. Another significant benefit is you can work ergonomically on the go; you don’t want your battery to drain suddenly. Choose wired technology to eliminate the risk. In other words, the accessory runs on the laptop.

Since the wired keyboard is connected directly to your laptop or computer, you don’t have to worry about lag or interference.

What is the point of RGB?

I think it’s pretty simple. Not only does RGB look pretty cool, but it turns our gaming rigs into something just a little bit more special than a black or white box with some stickers.

Does RGB make you a better gamer?

It doesn’t make you a better gamer unless you allow it to via some mental trickery. In all seriousness, RGB lighting could make you feel better about gaming, and in turn, it might make a difference.

In our experience, some peripherals can make you better, such as more accurate sounding headsets, a good quality gaming mouse, and a good quality keyboard. Even a good CPU with Integrated Graphics can make you better or at least give you a better experience.

Is RGB Lighting worth it?

The RGB lighting is worth it, in my opinion. The better quality the lighting is, the more “worth it” it becomes. Better RGB lights usually have a more comprehensive range of colors, and they have more customization available. All of that being said, the more creative you are, and the more time you spend in your gaming room/corner, the more “worth it” it is.

We know some gamers spend a lot of time with their setups. RGB lights are not that expensive, to be honest, which makes it even more worth it.

What is an Island-Style Backlit Keyboard?

Island-style backlit keyboards are also known as chiclet keyboards. They have chiclet-shaped keys and are separated by square keys with rounded corners. It is the default standard key for many models today. It was also standard on some of the original computer keyboards in the 1970s, but the keys were taller.

Today, they have a low profile. The great thing about this style is that it is ergonomic and easy to use. For this reason, this keyboard is popular with those who use a lot of computers during the day.

Does the backlit keyboard affect my laptop’s battery life?

A backlit keyboard uses more battery power than the others. It uses 2-3% more battery than a keyboard without a backlight, especially gaming laptops. Laptop batteries are of different sizes,  so the effect of the backlight on the computer depends on the type of battery.

The electronic circuit works with the rest of the laptop’s hardware and manages battery power while charging. The backlit keyboard consumes a small amount of battery, but it doesn’t do much.

Conclusion-Best Keyboard that Lights Up When You Type 2024

Backlit keyboards are becoming increasingly popular among computer users. Most laptops now have a backlight. Backlit keyboards can be helpful in dark environments or emergencies. When buying a wireless keyboard, make sure the battery is solid and rechargeable, such as Keychron K2 RGB and KLIM Chroma Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard.


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