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How to Make Wireless Mouse Discoverable in 2023?

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So, we found out in detail that wired mice are inferior to wireless Mice in many ways. Should I go to the store for a new mouse instead of the old one? Do not rush to prepare. Now let’s sort the information on how to make a wireless Mouse discoverable in 2023.

How to Make Wireless Mouse Discoverable

To make your wireless mouse discoverable, you need to connect a wireless mouse without a dongle. The wireless mouse connects to a matching wireless receiver (matching dongle). Without the dongle, it won’t connect unless you’re using Bluetooth and your laptop is using Bluetooth.

You can also watch the video given below to know how you can make a handmade wooden computer wireless mouse.

How to connect a Bluetooth mouse without a USB adapter in Windows?

The number of USB ports on your PC is gradually decreasing, and you can connect any external device to Bluetooth without having to connect via USB. When you connect your new Bluetooth gadget to your laptop, you need to make sure your laptop has Bluetooth.

  • Stage 1: Click the computer icon and click Properties.
  • Step 2: Select “Device Manager.”
  • Step 3: Look at the “Bluetooth Radio” item to see if there is a Bluetooth module.
  • Step 4: If the device is disabled, right-click on it and select “Enable.”
  • Step 5: Turn on Bluetooth, usually with “Fn,” using a special laptop button or “F1-F12“. The Bluetooth icon (sometimes replaced by Wi-Fi) is often on “F3“.
  • Step 6: When the device is activated, a Bluetooth icon will appear in the tray (you may have to restart your PC before). If the icon does not appear, it may be turned off in Windows Settings.
  • Step 7: To configure the module, right-click on the network connection icon and click “Network Control Center…”.

Right-click on the network connection icon and then open “Network Control Center…”.

  • Step 8: Select “Change adapter settings.”
  • Step 9: If it says “Disabled” under the “Bluetooth Network Connection” icon, switch it to the “No Connection” state by gently double-clicking the left mouse button.
  • Step 10: Right-click on Bluetooth and then click on “Properties.”
  • Step 11: Open the Bluetooth tab and click “Options…”.

Go to the Bluetooth tab and click on the “Options…” link.

  • Step 12. Click “Apply” and then “OK” to check the “Allow PC Search” box.
  • Step 13. Switch the power supply of the radio mouse to the active state and launch the “Control Panel” via “Start.”
  • Step 14. Click “Add Device.”
  1. Step 15. The system searches for the Bluetooth gadget and displays what it finds in the window. If your wireless mouse doesn’t appear, you must enable the pairing ar the mouse itself (see above). Click “Next” to select the mouse you found.

In Windows 7, the mouse installation is done automatically, and after a while, you will see a message about the HID device added. Once you have confirmed that the device driver has been installed successfully, you can use the mouse.

What if I lost my wireless mouse receiver?

If the mouse is Bluetooth, all Bluetooth dongles will work. The cheaper one is the Logitech Unifying Receiver USB Dongle. If it’s an integrated mouse, buy an integrated dongle, download the Logitech integration software, then connect up to 6 mice.

How to use the wireless mouse without a receiver?

Buy a wireless mouse with a USB receiver.

Insert the wireless mouse receiver into an available USB port on your desktop computer or laptop.

Log in to an administrator account in Windows.

To use the device’s proper functionality, install the mouse driver using the CD that came with the mouse.

Can I use a different receiver for my wireless mouse?

All Logitech wireless mice can only be reprogrammed with replacement receivers of the same type. Except for the Unifying receiver, which can handle up to six devices, all other Logitech receivers can only handle two for a combo on a Logitech gaming mouse/keyboard and one for a Lightspeed receiver (due to its fast speed).

How to connect a wireless mouse to a different receiver?

You need to re-pair the mouse with the new receiver. Some mice with wireless adapters have multi-device capability. You can pair it with other USB adapters if you have a feature compatible with multiple devices.

Do all wireless mice need a receiver?

Most wireless mice connect to your computer through a receiver plugged into a USB port, which takes a wireless signal from the mouse and converts it into a USB signal that your computer can understand. With a USB connection, no special configuration or setup is required to use the basic functions of the mouse.

Can you replace the USB with a wireless mouse?

Yes, you can replace the USB. The integrated mouse dongle means only one receiver for both wireless accessories, not a receiver per accessory. If it’s an integrated mouse, buy an integrated dongle, download the Logitech integration software, then connect up to 6 mice.

Is there a way to use a wireless mouse without the USB?

Yes, you can use a Bluetooth mouse without a USB dongle.

Use the plug-in dongle only if your device does not have Bluetooth. Manufacturers usually provide an additional dongle in case the customer doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection to their device.

How do you set up a wireless mouse?

Remove the battery cover on the bottom of the mouse and slide the battery into the wireless device.
Buy a wireless adapter that is compatible with the type of mouse you own.
Install the driver software provided with the mouse.
Turn on the mouse and let the computer recognize the device.


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