Is 3200 DPI Good for Gaming?

Do you know that your mouse can genuinely affect gaming performance? If you like computer games and want to improve your score, you should invest in the best gaming mouse.

There are tons of products made for gamers. It offers many features such as button placement, ergonomics, and RGB lighting. While these are important, you can note one detail in the packaging. Mice have a DPI, which stands for “dots per inch.”

What is a DPI?

A DPI, also known as counts per inch (CPI) and mickeys per second, measures the number of pixels the cursor moves for every inch the mouse moves. Simply put, it refers to mouse sensitivity. However, sensitive and precise are different, so the two are different.

Each point relates to one pixel on the screen. So if your game has a resolution of 1080p and you have a 1000 DPI mouse that moves 1 inch vertically, that means your mouse has moved 1000 pixels to almost reach the top of the display. But if you have a 2000 DPI mouse, you can go from bottom to top in half an inch.

Is 3200 DPI suitable for gaming?

If you want something cheap, you end up with a mouse with a DPI of 3200. Compared to a regular mouse, it’s pretty good. If you try to use a low DPI mouse in your game, the cursor may jerk when you move the mouse.

For a 3200 DPI, it’s far from the max of 16000, so if your game requires higher sensitivity, it’s a good idea to invest in a better one.

Is higher DPI better for gaming in 2021/2022?

The higher DPI, the more significant the difference. For most gaming mice, the distance traveled about 1,000 times per second is also called the polling rate. Performance and accuracy remain on the table if the player uses a lower DPI than the number of times the mouse checks for movement.

The higher the DPI, the more the mouse will check whenever it can update itself on the screen. It will be. Here’s an easy way to get an idea of ​​how DPI affects the accuracy of a mouse.

For example, two gamers are playing a first-person shooter. A player checks his radar 1000 times per second. Other players check themselves 400 times per second. The second player missed 600 updates to the radar, checking the radar much less often than the first.

If an enemy appears and retreats quickly, players checking the radar will likely catch the enemy passing by. The same goes for DPI.

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