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Does Intel Core i5 4690 Have Integrated Graphics?

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The Core i5-4690 is one of Intel’s mid-range desktop processors. It comes with four cores and four threads. It has a base clock of 3.5 GHz, a maximum speed of 3.9 GHz, and a rated power of 84 W. The CPU has Haswell Refresh 22nm family and is part of the Core i5 series.

Does the Intel Core i5 4690 Have Integrated Graphics?

Yes, the Intel Core i5 4690 CPU has integrated graphics. It uses Intel HD4600 onboard graphics.

The Core i5-4690 is an impressive chip and offers better performance. A more expensive version of the Core i5-4590, the Core i5-4690 features a higher base and boost frequencies of 3.5 gigahertz and 3.9 GHz, respectively. It is a bump for increasing the fundamental frequency and boosting the clock. Still, the real benefit should be in the higher Package Power Tracking (PPT) envelope, which measures the maximum power delivered to the socket.

The PPT on the Core i5-4590 is up to 84W, and the motherboard can pump up to 142W to the Core i5-4690 at peak performance. It opens up much more aggressive boost behavior on both single and multi-cores, which can widen the performance gap beyond what can be seen in the spec sheet.

One of the nice things about the Intel Core i5-4690 processor is that the genuine boxed model comes with a CPU cooler. So, you can pick up a product like the Intel Core i5-4690 for $174, and you don’t have to pay extra for CPU cooling.

The Intel Core i5-4690 retail boxed processor has a traditional pancake CPU cooler. It’s not flashy, but it does the job on this processor, rated at 84W TDP. You don’t need an aftermarket cooling solution unless you want to.

If extended overclocking and boost frequencies aren’t crucial to you, Intel also offers the Core i5-4590 for under $200. It still has four cores and four threads, but it clocks in at the slower 3.3 GHz and only up to 3.7 GHz.,

Does the i5-4690 have AVX?

The Core i5-4690 has 6MB of L3 cache. Intel also includes the latest AVX2 standard, but not AVX-512.

What is the difference between the i5 4690 and the i5 4670?

The Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz and Intel Core i5-4670 3.4GHz have the same number of threads. Both CPUs have some thread per physical core. Multithreading helps improve the performance of multithreaded applications.

Is the i5 4690 good?

It works with your graphics card to power your PC games. This Intel CPU can run 813 of the top 1000 games, giving it an 81% rating.

Is the i5 4690 good for 2024 gaming?

Considering the price/performance ratio, the best all-around processor for gaming is undoubtedly the Intel i5 4690. There is no better card than the i5 4690 when considering the price/performance ratio.


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