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Best Water Cooling Kit for CPU and GPU 2023

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Are you also looking for the best CPU and GPU water cooling kits in 2023? We’ve found the top-rated water cooling kits that are the best choice for your CPU and GPU.

List of best Water Cooling Kit for CPU and GPU 2023

Best CPU and GPU Water Cooling Kit

1. Thermaltake Pacific DIY OD

One of the popular water cooling kits in 2023 features a soft tube for more bendability. The tube is sufficient even for large installations. This purchase also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The kit includes digital and analog RGB lighting with T1000 pure transparent coolant, a Slim 27mm thick copper radiator, a 200 ml long reservoir, and a water block with copper base and corrosion-resistant nickel plating.

A separate remote control is provided to control RGB lighting. The sync system is a nice addition. Soft tubes ensure easy and changeable settings. The included T1000 Pure Clear Coolant has enhanced anti-corrosion protection. Some users have reported pump reliability and durability issues.

Thermaltake Pacific DIY OD

2. Be Quiet BW007 Pure Loop 280mm

Be Quiet, a company specializing in power supply and cooling systems for PCs has unveiled a series of entry-level water cooling kits for CPUs and GPUs. The BW007 Pure Loop 280mm is one of the best cooling kits from the Pure Loop series.

The loop gives lower noise levels, especially for the advantages of Pure Loop provided by the double insulation of the pump. The pump casing is mounted on the pipe, insulated from the water block, radiator, and rubber elements. Add a second damping layer inside the casing.

Depending on the heatsink size, the heatsink has one to three Pure Wings 2 fans. The Pure Wings 2 fan design is optimized for airflow and includes a 9-blade impeller. The water block is nickel-plated, allowing the liquid metal to be used as the thermal interface.

The radiator housing has holes for adding coolant. The GPU water cooling kit contains 100ml of coolant and is recommended to be added to the system every two years or as needed. LSS components are interconnected by flexible braided tubing.

Be Quiet BW007 Pure Loop combination of black components and a white LED backlight for the exterior design of the LSS. The Pure Loop Mount System supports all the latest Intel and AMD processors.

Be Quiet BW007 Pure Loop 280mm

3. Corsair Hydro X Series XH305i Hardline

Here’s the Corsair Hydro X Series XH305i Hardline water cooling kit. This premium custom water cooling kit is made from high-quality materials from the Corsair brand.

The Corsair Hydro X-series XH305i Hardline offers a range of features and elements that make it the best choice for a custom water-cooled kit in 2023. Custom dynamic RGB lighting and stylish design. The quality of the materials used in this cooling kit is top-notch, and the build quality is quite impressive.

It comes with automated software control that minimizes fan speed noise and the option to use Corsair iCUE software for full control of the system.

This cooling system also comes with several handy tools, such as a hacksaw, silicone rod, tube reamer, sawing clamp, and tube bending mandrel. These features and factors put this Corsair product at the top of the list.

The features of this kit are amazing such as Pairing with software for additional control, Various RGB customizable, and also you can use high-quality materials.

The only downside of this product is it has no noticeable flaws. But setting up and configuring hardline tubing can be difficult for some users.

Corsair Hydro X Series XH305i Hardline

4. Thermaltake Pacific DIY Kit

Thermaltake is another well-known brand that has been producing water-cooled parts for some time. Like the previous kits, this kit includes everything you need to create something special. A hacksaw and cutting jig are not included in this kit.

The Thermaltake Pacific water-cooled kit performs very well, and you can’t see the liquid inside the CPU block as in the Corsair.

Unfortunately, you won’t get a hacksaw with this, but the tube cutter included with the Thermaltake works well enough to make straight cuts. The bend kit also includes a variety of mandrels, allowing the kit to bend over 90 degrees.

Thermaltake Pacific DIY Kit

5. Thermaltake Pacific M240 Water Cooling system

Another Thermaltake product on the list is the Pacific M240 water cooling kit. People with little experience with the tool or having trouble setting up a cooling system may have difficulty assembling it.

The product contains concentrated dyes to brighten the tube. You can get a smart fan controller with the kit. It includes some of the best things, such as an Aluminum alloy R240 radiator, 3 x 120mm RGB Radiator Fans, C-Pro Compression Fittings, PR15-D5 Reservoir-Pump Combo, W3 water block with copper base, and nickel plating.

Well, the only downside of this product is aluminum doesn’t work as well as copper.

Thermaltake Pacific M240

6. DIY 240mm Computer Water Cooling Kit

Here’s the DIY 240mm, another best CPU and GPU water cooling kits. As the name suggests, it is a water-cooling kit that you can install yourself without the help of a professional.

It combines a fantastic product with a reasonable price that features a 240mm heat sink, 18 Pipe Aluminum Heat Exchanger Radiator, Dual LED Fan, 160mm Large Capacity Cylindrical Water Reservoir, and Universal water-cooled block.

The universal water-cooled block means compatibility for both AMD and Intel platforms. This product also includes pipe joints, hose clamps, plugs, and hoses to aid installation.

With this GPU and CPU kit, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer, and they promise to provide a solution if something goes wrong with our product. However, the included fan can be faster and more efficient.

DIY 240mm Cooling system

7. Zopsc DIY Block Pump

The Zopsc DIY water-cooled chiller is an integrated water-cooling kit with a flexible tube. This perfect kit for CPU and GPU offers the same high quality you would expect from a famous brand but without the famous brand price tag.

There are both separate CPU and GPU water blocks. The kit includes several components along with the necessities. LED fans provide high static pressure. It also has a flexible, transparent 12mm hose and a Dual LED Fan.

However, reducing the number of pumps may be necessary to reduce the noise generated. Also, additional fans may be required for better cooling.

Zopsc DIY Block Pump


Aside from all the inherent risks associated with the water cooling kit for CPU and GPU, there’s no better way to maximize performance in an aesthetically pleasing way. For someone new to the hobby, your best bet is to choose the best water-cooling kit.

You may not be able to complete a fully custom loop with this kit, but it will give you the confidence to start and go much further the next time you plan your loop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a CPU water cooler on my GPU?

If you want to go with a water-cooled GPU, you can do it quickly and fairly cheaply, as you finally dare to take the risk of destroying a two-year-old GPU.

Is the CPU or GPU water-cooled?

If you like extracting maximum performance from your computer hardware, water cooling will be all for you. Featuring a 360mm or 420mm radiator, the AIO water cooler or custom loop is better than an air cooler for dissipating heat from your CPU and GPU.

Are GPU water cooling kits worth it?

Let the CPU and GPU run at higher voltages, increasing performance while moving the heat generated away from expensive solid-state electronics. A water-cooled cooling system can give you a significant performance boost if you’re overclocking your workstation to reduce render times.

Is one radiator enough for the CPU and GPU?

A good rule of thumb is to use at least one 120mm radiator (section) and one additional section for each water-cooled component. For example, if you are water cooling your CPU and a single high-performance graphics card, we recommend using at least one 360mm (3x 120mm) radiator for best results.

Does the cooler GPU run faster?

Not really at the same speed. However, using a much higher OC can provide a significant performance boost.

Can a 280mm radiator cool the GPU and CPU?

The 280mm is thick in rad and has enough FPI with fans running high RPMs, but it should be possible if you’re careful about overclocking.

How many watts can a 240mm radiator handle?

At the same fan speed (1800 RPM) with a liquid temperature of 15°C above ambient, the same 240mm XE radiator can dissipate about 500W of heat.


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